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For customers we offer:

1. A considerable range of products of fire equipment:

- Motor Pumps;

-Generators and their components;

-Fire hoses (domestic and foreign production);

- Sleeves are intaking;

- Hose nuts and sleeves;


-Reinforced clamps;



2. Spare parts for domestic cars:

We offer everything from key chains to keys and stickers on cars and motorcycles, ending with rubber and springs.

3. Spare parts for motor vehicles:

For scooters and motorcycles (domestic and Chinese production).

4. Various oils for both moto and quad technology, as well as for two-and four-stroke cars.

5. Spare parts for domestic and Chinese tractors

6. Lamps and searchlights: hand, headlamp, underwater (lamp and LED, for lighting small and large areas).

7. Flash drives, modulators, key chains, auto repair keys, shovels.

8. Boots, temporary workers and various costumes, camouflage jackets.